Why Is Networking So Important In Online Events

Networking is more important today than it used to be. The wider your network, the more opportunities you will encounter in business and private life. When you have acquaintances, looking for a job or someone to hire, your chances of reaching new customers, collaborations, suppliers or the specialist you are looking for can become much easier.

Why Is Networking So Important In Online Events

The general tendency of people is to go to the closest people first. When you are going to do a job, we first start with the people we know while researching the people who can do that job. This applies to all of us. That's why we are only as strong as our connections. Our network makes our life easier. It allows us to do more business and come to better places. That's why our connections are so important to our lives. When evaluated well, thanks to networking, we can be more successful in our business and private lives, and we can easily overcome many problems.

It's true that by human nature we always have a tendency to communicate and expand our network. However, due to the social and physical barriers brought by the pandemic, we can no longer do face-to-face networking as before. One of the biggest advantages of online events is that it has the potential to offer participants a broader perspective on networking. In online events, you can connect people who are not physically in the same city or country, thanks to a screen and a microphone. In a physical event, networking sessions can be restricted for room, time, person or any other reason, while in online events, people can connect with the participants they want without the need for any physical device other than a computer or phone in networking sessions.

3DStudyo is a 360 degree event solution which contains networking solutions in its platform. If participants want to talk to each other, there is a common chat area on the event window. If they need to talk privately, there is also a one to one private chat ability. If participants want to have an online face to face call, the networking module of the 3DStudyo event platform also has this feature. Sometimes after an event, departments can hold many meetings among themselves or with the customers of the sponsor companies. We developed online round table meetings for this demand. With this feature, people from the same department or from the same interest group can talk to each other or get information from the sponsor company's official. With 3DStudyo, you have access to every feature you may need for networking!